Lost & found

Thursday 23 April 2015, 9:11 pm | Stories

I love jewellery, but the stories are always so wondrously involved, always going strait to the hearts, and have some aspect of the unexplainable, mysterious or extra dimensional about them.  I’ve spent a good few years behind jewellery counters and heard a thousand tales, and i love hearing them, always because its so personal. Jewellery touches us in such an intimate way, apart from being worn and on our bodies for long periods of time even twenty four seven for wedding rings and very special items that almost become part of us, its because they are such symbols of our most meaningful and intimate feelings. A wedding ring, a gift to someone you love, these are strong and powerful emotions, and they get attached to the jewellery in such a symbiotic way. I have got to know and respect the relationships between jewellery and who wears it or gives it. And so we all have stories about jewellery, that have fasinating, wonderous twists & turns, tails of the fantastic.

Here is one that happend to me today, its a relatively young and little tail, but one of wonder for me, and fantastic timing.

Just a few days ago, a ring i had made for myself poped into my head. It is a very special ring to me, its the first piece of jewellery that i made exclusively for myself. It was quite a while ago i made it at a time when i had finished my training and was fresh on my own to create exactly what i wanted. I was full of ideas that had been stored up, dreamed of all the while i was making up designs for my employers, all for others to wear.  Right i told myself this is going to be for you, and so i got started, choose some gems, 2 square citrines and a fresh water pearl. The setting is high and has a nice open gallery below the gems, with long  settings mirroring the line from top to bottom. Angular and achitectual. I loved making it and had a complicated relationship wearing it. When i felt great, the gems would shine, when i wan’t feeling so good, i didn’t like the ring so much.  Fickle artistic temperament never happy. We had some adventures together, i chipped one of the gems on a climb down a rock face at Randlophs leap in the highlands of Scotland, and wore it on and off as it suited me and felt right.

Back to today and as i popped out to buy something from a local store, i saw, just a glimps half hidden on the lady taking my card’s hand, my ring. It was surreal, i could recognise it from a way off, and only seeing just a little of it, but there it was. How did it get there and how odd i was just thinking ‘where is that ring” only a few days earlier, when it had not even been in my mind for a long long time.

I reached out to turn her hand, and yes ‘that’s my ring’ i declared. It had been found on a shelf over two years ago, been sitting on the counter in the lost saucer until Lady had begun to wear it, knowing its owner would appear one day. She had been wearing it for these last two years.  ‘do you want it back’ she asked! i did, and we hugged to make the exchange as she had come to love the ring. I can only imagine one of my children had picked it up to play with then just put it down in the shop, as something elese took their fancy, ? But i really don’t know.

Very happy to have her now back in my life once again, and here she is, not yet had a clean and polish but shining like a queen in the sun today.

IMG_1315My citrine & fresh water pearl ring.