Bespoke Jewellery

IMELINA-CLARK-GEMS-1t’s always a pleasure to create a piece specially for someone in particular. Working closely with each client in person or remotely, via email or phone, we can begin a design process and discuss ideas to create your dream or fantasy. Some people know exactly what they want others like to have inspiration and guidance working together, choosing gems and styles. Some clients have a theme or feeling they are looking for and are happy to let me go with intuition.

I am happy to re-work designs from my collections to a particular taste, equally we can create a totally new design altogether. I offer the recycle service of old or worn jewellery, past down items needing a remodel into something new, or used to offset costs.


MELINA-CLARK-GEMS-2To personalise a ring, pendant or bangle, hand engraved messages, quotes or dates available.

I can offer a wealth of trusted and reputable gem suppliers whom can source the right gems, and have a contact with non-conflict diamond mines.

I also have a collection of vintage and unusual gems.

I work in all the precious metals, and hallmark using the Edinburgh Assay Office.

Once we have decided on the design i will ask a 50% deposit to begin the making, then balance on delivery.

Producing a piece will vary, wedding rings and simple items can be completed in around 2 weeks, then 4-6 weeks on more intricate designs, but each one will be quoted and given delivery estimates to consider and discuss, and as always happy to help in emergency situations so please ask i may be able to help.