Acorns of Life

Friday 23 September 2016, 12:11 am | Inspiration, Stories

As we prepare to make our first steps towards changing the futures of mothers and children in the Democratic Republic of Congo, it is the perfect moment to introduce Acorns of Life.

Acorns of Life, a beautiful partnership of hope and development between Melina Clark and the Susila Dharma International Association. Over the past year the SDIA have been working tirelessly to begin work on a new three-year project to build a Mother-Child Hospital in Kwilu Ngongo.

In a part of the world where so much life is lost so unnecessarily, the centre will work to bring life that flourishes and endures to over 40,000 people.

Unity through life, happiness and support sit at the foundations of both the SDIA and Melina’s journey. For Melina, support of the Centre encapsulated the strength of human kindness and the hope that can be created from something as small as an acorn. img_0071Each solid acorn in the collection represents the strength and support Melina gained on her walks through the grounds of Emerson whilst taking her children to kindergarten.  The Oak tree also holds a beautiful historic symbolism as the Celts of the British Isles and Gaul believed that the Holly King ruled over death and winter, whereas the Oak King ruled life and summer. The Mother-Child Hospital Centre in Kwilu Ngongo and its story touched Melina’s heart and thus Acorns of Life were born.

img_0049‘The acorns are a way for me to honour the magical space that allowed me to move forward in supporting myself and my children – to start from somewhere witha little acorn or the laying of the first brick is a step toward a future of hope’ –
Melina Clark

In the DRC, one in six children die before the age of five, due to highly preventable illnesses. The locally crafted centre will work to offer maternity care, paediatrics and emergency services to all in need. The care of mothers and children is not only a fundamental need in the DRC but is also the first step in providing futures full of hope and security for a nation struck by so much unrest.

villagers-near-the-project-siteAlready the Centre has been blessed, through no shortage of extreme resilience and resourcefulness, with a ‘joyful’ start as the first brick was laid in June. In a ceremony that marked the occasion, the Chief Medical Officer of the area praised the work of Susila Dharma and in a moment of peace spoke of the Centre as a ‘jewel that will soon be built in the community’ – a beautiful sign of the connection between Acorns of Life and the lives we will strive totransform.

To support the Acorns of Life project, Melina is giving 100% of all profits generated from the sales of her hand crafted acorn necklaces, or with a donation of £10 you can enter your name into a prize draw to win a necklace.

We believe that from small acorns, bright futures can grow.









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